Naples: A Villa, a Church, Pizza

In the midst of all the pizza-eating and enjoying the sights and sounds of the streets of Naples, we took a rather calm approach to my last day in town and visited a Villa and church/monastery complex way up the hill looking out on Naples. The city is full of so many Baroque masterpieces. I’m lucky in that I’ve seen a lot of them during my other visits to the city.

This time, to add to the extraordinary things I’d already seen during the past three days, I saw a villa where, once we were inside, a pianist happened to sit down at the piano on display and treat us to a few minutes of her fine talent. It didn’t matter that the piano was out of tune. She was exceptional. Turns out, she was in town to appear at the Teatro San Carlo. We were just lucky enough to be there at the same time.

Right after, we ate lunch at what is known as the “best pizzeria in town” 50KALO. In my opinion, it must be pretty darn good to be called “the best” in Naples. And it was.

Pizza at 50KALO. Yes

After lunch, we drove up to the Vomero neighborhood way up on the hill overlooking Naples and visited the San Martino Church and attached monastery and Bourbon Naval museum. It was a nice way to end my sightseeing of Naples. Antonio and Gina were the perfect hosts and guides and I look forward to getting back there and discovering so much more.

By all means, put Naples on your list of “Cities in Italy I must see.”


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