When my phone alerted me that I had a few new e-mails Friday night, I didn’t think much of it. Because of the time difference I assumed it was one of the daily messages I get from Mediabistro. Once I looked at the subject line though, from the New York Times “Breaking News Alert,” my heart started racing and I quickly turned on the news. Then I went to my computer to make sure I understood everything I was hearing on the Italian news channels. I was up until 1:30 a.m., watching the coverage of the attack on Paris. I sat there and tried to absorb all of it, as I did one September morning in New York City. Yesterday, Nov. 15, we started to see pictures of the victims. That’s when it really hurts, when you see the smiles and the joy on their faces and you read about what they were doing in Paris at the time. We went to the Piazza del Campo at noon for a moment of silence to remember them.

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