Chianti and Olive Oil

One week in and I’ve reviewed the rules about Italian prepositions, irregular verbs and the trapassato prossimo. What? You know, when you say things like, “When I arrived at the restaurant, the group had already drank all of the prosecco.” In other news, a highlight of my first week was our little trip in Chianti, the region where Chianti Classico is made. This is not your parents’ Chianti that came in a bottle with a basket around it. Chianti is a delicious wine and I’m living next to the zone. But we didn’t go to a winery. We went to a frantoio, a place where they make olive oil. Did you know: once the olives are picked and ready to be crushed into oil, it has to be done right away. These people work around-the-clock for a month, crushing the olives and bottling the oil. Then that’s it. The process itself wasn’t very romantic: machines crushing the olives, separating the water, oil coming out of the spout. But the aroma! Mamma mia! Che buona! Then we went to their dining area, a room complete with a roaring fire, which we used to grill bread. Said bread was then rubbed with garlic cloves and doused it with that freshly-made olive oil. That was the best bruschetta I’ve ever had.

3 thoughts on “Chianti and Olive Oil

  1. Lauren

    So glad to hear your trip is going well! Loved your pictures! I am just sitting here salivating when you talk about the food! Have fun! Sláinte!


  2. Mary Ann

    I am so glad you are loving everything! The pictures are great. The food looks and sounds amazing. Tom is doing well. Enjoy yourself, life is to be lived!!


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