La Scala dei Turchi, Sicilia


That’s the best adjective I have to describe what I thought when I first saw La Scala dei Turchi here in Sicily. The rock cliff, as you see in the photos, is simply stunning. The rock looks sharp, and at some points, it is, and yet the cliff looks like it’s rolling waves.

I’m staying in Sicily for the holidays with cousins. We went to this beautiful site on a beautiful day that was warm and sunny with a cloudless blue sky almost illuminating the brilliant white cliff. “La Scala” is located along the coast of Realmonte, near Porto Empedocle, in the province of Agrigento.

The name, “The Stairway of the Turks” if you will, is so-called because the formations look like stairs.  The rock is marl, which is white. It also contains calcite and clay.  The second part of the name comes from the fact that, as history tells us, Turkish Moors invaded Sicily on this shore.

I’ve mentioned several times in posts on this blog that the beauty of Italy never disappoints, nor does it seem to end. Today was no different.

We couldn’t leave the area without getting a gelato at my cousin Sal’s favorite place, La Sosta. This was a wonderful way to end the visit.  Well, that and driving by the Greek temples perched on a hill in Agrigento.

Sicily is a treasure. Italy is a treasure.

I belong in Italy.

3 thoughts on “La Scala dei Turchi, Sicilia

  1. Carol

    The white rock against the beautiful blue water is striking. What a gorgeous place. So glad you made this trip and have family there to share the holiday with. I agree, you do belong in Italy. Please keep sharing your pictures. Its the only way I’ll ever see Italy. Merry Christmas. Carol


  2. Mauro

    Grazie delle belle foto che condividi … un pezzo d’Italia che non conosco ancora bene.
    Devo riconoscere che i turchi hanno avuto buon gusto nella scelta del posto da cui entrare in Sicilia!


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