20151107_201059I arrived today. I was dragging my suitcase along the stone street and I immediately remembered being here with my mom in 1986. Italy does that to you. Memories flood your brain and you start to wonder, “Why did I leave?”

I looked to the left and, through and archway, I saw the wonderful Piazza del Campo. Note to self: Palio-July. Palio-August. Must attend one of them. Then another memory came back to me: hills. Siena’s streets are steep and they’re really steep when you’re dragging a piece of luggage.  One of the school’s instructors met me at the apartment to get me settled in. The most important thing: how to turn on the wi-fi. Second most important thing: the location of the nearest wine shop.

Then we walked to the school. It’s about 10 minutes, four of which are spent walking past the Duomo. Yes, that’s my commute. Take note: all of this will be documented tomorrow with photos and (hopefully) a video. But for now, you are to rely on my colorful language while I go make my first dinner. In Siena. Rosso di Montalcino is on the menu.

Alla prossima –

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